Cry Baby Clay Collaboration

We've teamed up with local artist and creator, Katie Cameron of Cry Baby Clay for a handcrafted collection of checkerboard cuteness!

Nerikomi - what?

The process

Did we mention each piece is hand-crafted? Every ceramic cutie used will have its own special sparkle - coloring, shape, or checkerboard pattern.

This pattern is created by a special process called nerikomi - a method of stacking colored clay to create dimensional patterns.




Katie Cameron

Katies is a Minneapolis-based ceramicist. She makes clay thingies & just like all of us, has a lot of feelings. What started as a pandemic-time clay kit project turned into a personal studio & community clay resource located in Longfellow, Minneapolis. We're so excited to host Katie in the space - and you'll be able to shop a selection of her pieces made especially for the LL shop!