One Ring to Rule Them All

Oh f*ck! Our bestselling studs have been reimagined as a ring. Perfect for flipping the bird when you're having a bad day, or catching the attention of some cutie who notices you typing at a coffee shop. (Does that ring say luck, or... ????)

Fuck Ring in 10K Gold

Fuck Ring in 10K Gold


8 options available


Four ways to find your ring size

  1. Use our plastic zip-tie ring sizer
  2. Walk into any jewelry store and tell them you need your ring size (including ours!)
  3. Measure your finger with a piece of string, floss, or strip of paper
  4. Ask a friend who knows their ring size to try on one of theirs

Sourcing Details

Recycled Materials

The materials for our rings aren't being mined, which is nicer on sweet ol' Mother Earth.

10k Gold

Our 10k gold ring is 41.7% gold and 58.3% alloy. Why is this important? Gold is an extremely soft metal, but we're livin' lives that need our rings to hold up against the chaos. 10k gold is the hardest gold out there, which is perfect for all.

Sterling Silver

Our sterling silver ring is 92.5% fine silver and 7.5% alloy. Why is this important? Fine silver is a soft metal that you can't do anything with unless you add an alloy. The alloy allows us to cast jewelry (and things like silverware TBH).

TLDR: This ring is a delicate way to express your indelicate (but fucking important) thoughts.

Experience your ring as a noun, a verb, an emphasis in every aspect of your life!
• Receive another "hope this finds you well" email? Your Sterling Silver or 10k Gold baddie read that email, too, and says what you wish you could really say.
• Feeling frisky? Your four-letter swear ring also wants to avoid small talk and get right to the fun.
• Walking on sunshine lately? Your dainty script ring is skipping right along with ya and feels fancy as fuck.

Custom cut in the handwritten cursive script of our own rebel of a boss, Larissa, this is a 100% original design and 100% badass. Bonus: nickel free and naturally hypoallergenic means you can hit the hay with her still on your finger. Created in Sterling Silver or 10k Gold, this ring is made to survive your life of mayhem and chaos. Currently available in sizes 4-10.

This femme fuck script ring is your new special occasion jewelry, wedding guest jewelry, party jewelry, basically your every day jewelry. It's a great gift option for graduations, birthdays, and anniversaries. Or maybe just a gift to yourself for being fucking fabulous? It's a perfect addition to your ring stack or works as a statement ring all by itself. Trust me, a ring you can wear while sleeping, is a ring you won't regret having in your life.