Birthstone Gemstone Charm

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Material Garnet

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Make your Build Your Own goodies sparkle with a little gemstone magic! This babe features your choice of twelve dainty gemstones which correspond with each month's birthstone. Whether you collect them for their birthstone connection or because you think they're gorgeous (they are!), we bet you're going to have a tough time getting just one.

* Does not include chain. Compatible with the Build Your Own series only.

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The BYO Series

BYO (Build your own) Series is all about, well - you! Take the driver's seat and craft the perfect piece for you. We've got hundreds of charms, like letters, real gemstone birthstones, zodiac pendants, signs and symbols, & more to personalize your look. Better yet, ifI you use our BYO Necklace or BYO Earring bases everything is interchangable!

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add on your base

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Customizable chains

Our customizable necklace and bracelet options are the perfect way to put your unique spin on your new fave piece of jewelry! Grab the chain and the charms of your choosing and we will assemble your design at lightning speed.