Dessa Necklace

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Material 14k Gold Plate

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Not a sidepiece or a wifepiece. I’m a thinkpiece. If you’re done then take your dishes to the sink please.

- 14k gold plated or heavy sterling silver plated brass
- Gold fill or sterling silver chain
- Lobster claw hook
- Nickel-free and naturally hypoallergenic
- 18" chain length + 3" extender
- Hand-signed backer autographed by Dessa!

Musician and writer, Dessa, is known both for her clever wordplay and for emotional candor. The "thinkpiece" pendant is written in Dessa’s own handwriting and inspired by lyrics from the song “Decoy,” one of the first singles from her recent album, BURY THE LEDE.

Plated jewelry is gold or other metals applied over a base metal, meaning with heavy wear or exposure over time the plating can be diminished.

To extend the life of your plated piece:
- Use a soft microfiber cloth to remove excess oils or moisturizer (never rub excessively... just a little love).
- Remove before sleeping, do not submerge in water for extended periods of time, and avoid heavy lotions, sprays & oils.

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meet the badass


Singer, rapper, and writer Dessa is known both for her clever wordplay and for emotional candor. She has made a career of bucking genres and defying expectations.

Get to know Dessa

dessa x ll collab playlist    Listen Now

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Coffee and gummy vitamins. (I know they're probably just candy, but the "Calcium" on the label allows me to eat them at 9am guilt-free.) 

How did you get your start in music?

I'd always liked singing, but I assumed that making music professionally was an unlikely goal (because my mom's voice was so much better than mine).

In college, on the urging of my roommate, I performed one of my pieces at a poetry slam competition and won. From there I connected with the hip-hop scene, and was asked to join the hip-hop collective Doomtree not long after.

How has your approach to music evolved?

I've become more comfortable as a collaborator. In the beginning, I was so sensitive to criticism that I rarely shared unfinished work--which makes it tough to partner with other artists. But as I became more confident in my own skills, it got easier to share work-in-progress. "Decoy," is the product of the production team of Lazerbeak, Andy Thompson, and me--and we've all gotten really comfortable auditioning ideas for one another, leaning into one another's strengths, and throwing away perfectly good ideas in the pursuit of better ones. 

Who are three artists/groups on your playlist right now?

Writing and recording the Bury the Lede, I went on a Robyn kick (man, the Swedes are good). I'm also stoked about the new Lady Midnight record, and Banks often has a couple of tracks in my regular rotation.

Where would people find teenage Dessa hanging out?

Oh, man. Teen Dessa was definitely not winning any style points for loitering. As a teenager in South Minneapolis, I spent a lot of time at the Mall of America (where I worked my first job at Dairy Queen), smoking weed at the park, or lurking around the Walgreens parking lot with my friends (and up to no good at all).