DIY Taper Candles with Slow Burn

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Sunday, May 12
LL HQ — 2032 Marshall Ave, St Paul

Embark on a captivating beeswax taper dipping journey led by Slow Burn's Sara Wait, and discover the timeless art of crafting elegant tapered candles. Sara will unveil the secrets of this ancient technique while you create your own luminous masterpieces. Under her guidance, immerse yourself in the tactile process, and leave with not only a deeper understanding of beeswax's significance but also your personally hand-dipped candles, radiating both the workshop's wisdom and the beauty of Slow Burn's craftsmanship. Perfect for those seeking creativity, tranquility, or a unique DIY experience, this workshop offers an intimate opportunity to delve into the world of beeswax and candle making, all guided by Sara's expertise. Secure your spot now to kindle your own creative flame.

More than just candles, this class is about:
Expert guidance: An experienced chandler will guide you through the basics of making tapered candles. 
Unleashing your inner zen: Quiet the distractions, connect with the present moment, and hone in on some meditative techniques that come naturally with making candles.
Taking home something you made: Each participant will leave the class with their very own pair of classic tapers or two twin flame tapers.

Meet the Artist! 🕯️
Sara, Owner and Chandler of Slow Burn candles, is passionate about creating products that help people slow down. Her candle business started as a mindfulness practice when she was working as a full-time yoga teacher, hustling around town, teaching as many classes as she could. Looking for a way to reduce stress and anxiety, she found that candle making was a very calming and meditative activity. Now she creates hand-poured 100% beeswax from local, family-run apiaries in hopes that her candles help you connect with the present moment.

✨ No experience is required! This is a beginner-friendly workshop that utilizes fine motor skills.
✨ This one's for the grownups - attendees must be 18+.
✨ Each attendee receives a coupon for 15% off in the Larissa Loden retail store
✨ Included with tickets: workshop materials, complimentary alcoholic or n/a beverage, and snacks
Please denote if you have any dietary restrictions and we will do our best to accommodate! GF or Vegan options can be made available.

Time 12P - 2P

Yes I'd like a gluten-free option
Yes I'd like a vegan option
No I don't have any restrictions/preferences