SunsUp Metabolism & Focus Mushroom Coffee Mix by Plant People

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A good morning is like a cup of coffee - it's all in how you brew it, babe! Morning euphoria is not an oxymoron! Start your day right with a zero-sugar, adaptogenic mushroom, herb and mineral functional powder crafted to support metabolism, energy, focus and cravings. This blend of adaptogenic mushrooms, coffee, and green tea extract offers a gentle energy boost while improving clarity and mood. Lion's Mane and Bacopa Monnieri enhance cognition and mental stamina, while cinnamon and chromium support stable blood sugar levels and metabolism. Enjoy the benefits of functional mushrooms without the jitters of regular coffee!

NUTRACEUTICALS:Chromium**, L-theanine**MUSHROOMS & HERBS:Lions Mane**, Rhodiola rosea**, Bacopa Monierri**FLAVOR & SPICES:Medium Roast Arabica Coffee Bean**, Yerba Mate**, Cinnamon**

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