You're in! Get the details for the event below:

Event Hours


Saturday, December 17th: 10 AM - 7 PM
We will have two super cute llamas on site in the front of the store for photo ops from 12 PM - 3 PM 

    Sunday, December 18th: 10 AM - 5 PM 


    Vendor List


    Giftywrap | Wrapping Paper | @giftywrap
    Zelba and Mary | Toys | @zelbamarystudio
    Everthine Jewelry | Jewelry | @everthine_jewelry
    Nickichicki | Knitwear & Hats | @nickichicki
    Kursiv Organics | CBD | @kursivorganics
    Excelsior Candle Co | Candles | @excelsiorcandle
    Snew Ceramics | Mugs & Ceramics | @snewceramics
    Amano | Pottery | @weshopamano
    Bench Pressed | Letterpress & Cards | @benchpressed
    The Twistery | Macrame | @thetwistery
    Serious Jams | Jam | @seriousjam
    Dandelion Naturals | Soaps | @dandelion.naturals
    Isadore Nuts | Nuts | @isadorenutco
    Defiant Ceramics | Ceramics | @defiantceramics
    Planty Queens | Plants | @plantyqueens
    Indeed Brewing | Selling THC Seltzer and NA Beer | @indeedbrewing
    Root to Rise Kitchen | Food Vendor | @roottorisekitchen


    Load In


    Friday 3 PM - 7 PM: Vendors must be out of the space by 7 PM no later
    Saturday 8 AM - 9:30 AM: Booths must be ready to go by 9:30 AM no exceptions

      We have a back driveway for access to the building - please back in and parallel park on the south side of the driveway, once you have unloaded your car you can park on the street around the building. There is 1 hour parking on the neighborhood streets that is not checked, or there is parking on Marshall east of the building.

      If you are loading in the back, there are three stairs into the building that you will need to navigate. If you need to roll in, you can come in through the front of the store and navigate into the space using the ramps inside.

      Please do not park in the front of the building - we like to keep these spaces accessible for customers. 


      Load Out


      Load our starts at 5 PM, no earlier. Please fully pack your space and move your items towards the back for load out before moving your vehicle into the driveway. 


      More details


      Contact: Amy will be your point of contact for the event details, load in, lead up

      Wifi is accessible it's the office channel, password is cuteshitinside


        Vendor map

        Below are images of the building areas for you to get a rough feel for the space. Final booth number and rough map have been finalized as well!


        Vendor space A

        Food & beverage - 3 vendors. We will have all space fully cleared - there is acess to the sink, diswasher and fridge if needed.

        Vendor space a - alternate view


        Vendor Space B

        10 vendors - this space will be fully cleared and all shelves will be covered and closed so it's a clean open canvas.

        vendor space B

        vendor space B


        Vendor Space C

        5 vendors - offices will be decorated with festive trees and the remainder of the space will be fully cleared out for tables

        vendor space C

        Vendor Booth Numbers

        1 PlantyQueens (8’ table)
        2 Root to Rise (6’ table)
        3 Snew Ceramics (8’ table)
        4 Bench Pressed (8’ table)
        5 Everthine Jewelry (8’ table)
        6 Serious Jam (6’ table)
        7 Nickichicki (6’ table)
        8 Isadore Nut Company (6’ table)
        9 Dandelion Naturals LLC (6’ table)
        10 A Mano (8’ table)
        11 Kursiv Organics (8’ table)
        12 Excelsior Candle Co (8’ table)
        13 The Twistery (6’ table)
        14 Defiant Ceramics (6’ table)
        15 Giftywrap, LLC (8’ table)
        16 Zelba + Mary (8’ table)

        spread the word

        Social shareables

        We could use every little bit of help to make this the best event of the season! Each confirmed vendor will be added to the event as a co-host - post in the space, share and get your audience inIvolved! Below are a few graphics that you can use as well.