BYO Hoop Earrings

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For the babe that loves variety, say hello to your new favorite go-to earring! These cuties feature our 1/2 inch 14k gold fill infinity hoops - the epitome of an everyday earring. Rock these on-trend, minimal hoops solo, or add on charms from our BYO Series (sold separately) to customize your style for a new look every time you wear them.

Instructions for use

Our infinity hoops are the perfect way to rock a minimalist style! They are made of 14k gold fill, which is soft enough to allow you to twist them open, put them on your ear, and close them again. However, we recommend handling with care - and reading the care instructions below - to avoid bending or miss-shaping your earrings, especially after many wears.

To open the hoops: Grab each side and gently tug the hoop open until you feel the ear wire "pop" out of the hoop. Next, twist carefully in opposite directions on either side, allowing the post to open further, giving enough room to put them on. Always open the hoop with this tug, then side-to-side motion - never just pull wide or bend to open.

To put on: As we mentioned above, you never want to bend them open - so it's best to put them on gently by sliding them onto the ear. Keep in mind you want to open them just enough to get them on your lobes. If you need a little more room, use the side-to-side motion noted above.

To close the hoops: Once on your ear, gently pinch the sides back together to secure in place - then, push, and you'll feel the ear wire "pop" back into the hoop. This is how you'll know you're ready to rock & roll!

Pro tip✨ Since the infinity hoops are designed to look the same front and back, we recommend inserting the hoops through your piercing from behind the earlobe - probably the opposite of how you're used to putting on earrings! But with these magical cuties, putting them on back to front means the closing mechanism ends up in front of your ear - so you've got a better visual on the closing. 

endless possibilities

The BYO Series

BYO (Build your own) Series is all about, well - you! Take the driver's seat and craft the perfect piece for you. Both the BYO Necklace Chain and BYO Earrings are completly adjustable - and 100% cute AF. Just slide the charms on the unique threader chain or inIfinity hoop and you're G2G!