Gold-Tone Crane Bud Trimming Scissors by Rogue Paq

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All aboard the pineapple express! Trim your bud in style with these gold-tone multi-use crane scissors. Stainless steel and fancy af, these shears are a great stand-in for quick snips to your flower if you're into a manual grind. You can also use them to cauterize a joint you'd like to save for later to help preserve the flavor for round two. Measuring 3.5"L X 1.5"W (at handles), these babes are sure to add a highly chic and functional element to your smoking setup.

Designed and made by Rogue Paq, a woman-owned and founded business that gives back! Rogue Paq Gives Back is an initiative to donate, in an ongoing manner, to organizations like Last Prisoner Project and National Bail Out as well as other similar institutions.