WonderDay Daily Mushroom Gummies by Plant People

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Looking for a way to brighten up your day and reduce stress? Need a cute little pick-me-up? These wild raspberry delicious daily multi-mushroom gummy can do the trick! Enjoy 2 gummies per day - these mushroom multi's come in a recyclable, resealable, on-the-go pouch and are vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, and no high-fructose corn syrups or dyes.

Look at all these benefits, babe!
Modulate your immune system: Chaga & Agaricus Blazei stimulate the immune system and cellular well-being. Support healthy stress response: Reishi modulates stress response and supports relaxation and immune and cardiovascular systems. Boost cognition energy & perfromance: Lion’s Mane & Cordyceps boost energy, and mental and physical performance. Encourage healthy digestion: Turkey Tail & Maitake supports healthy gut microbiota and immune response.

Other Ingredients:
Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Glucose, Pectin, Citric Acid, Natural Raspberry Flavor, Sodium Citrate, Purple Carrot Juice Concentrate, Vegetable Oil (With Carnauba Wax

Made by Plant People.

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