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Hibaaq Ibrahim Collab

Inspired from the intricate details of beetles, the whimsy of mushrooms, and the awe-inspiring world of architecture, these earrings embody the beauty of nature and the complexity of human design.

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Celebrating little monsters

Little Monsters,
Big Love

a whimsical and joyful line of jewelry
showcasing playful monster characters
drawn by Larissa's daughter, Eevi!

Springtime Splendor

The cutest mix of statement
and minimalist nature-inspired
bugs and plants just flew in.

Meet the boss babe

Larissa's jewelry is an exercise in play. With a wide variety of metals, gemstones and materials, she makes fun, minimal jewelry for everyday wear. The Larissa Loden mission is to create quality, handcrafted goods at an affordable price that does good for the community.

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Look good, feel good, do good

Each year we give back 5% of profits to Cookie Cart and are proud to say we've donated over $40,000 to causes we care about. Check out our collection of Do Good Bracelets - each highlighting and giving back to a cause.

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We opened a brick and mortar in Saint Paul! In addition to our jewelry we're stocking everything from baby toys to CBD gummies - because that's just the kinda shit we love.

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