Gift Guide: Cute Shit Inside Bag

Check out this¬†CUTE SHIT INSIDE bag ūüĎÄ

We're not saying we have a closet full of bags, but it's okay if you do (okay because honestly we do, too). Our bag enthusiasm spilled over to the point that we made a custom lil cutie just for you.

It's a travel bag. It's a jewelry bag. It's a toiletry bag. It's a makeup bag. It's a fucking cute bag.

Person is pulling Toom out of the Cute Shit Inside bag. Interior is royal blue.


The possibilities of what cute shit to add into your cute shit inside bag are endless. Larissa reached out to her pals and here's what they're filling in theirs. 



Josie Lewis' Cute Shit Inside Bag Gift Guide for Creatives
Kristen | Le | Open Brass | Winona

Kristen Earrings: Digging the forest green and gold combo. I'm on camera a lot for work and the right accent pieces really bring the glamour. 
Le Necklace: This one is actually a little small to pop on camera, but it looks like the kind of necklace I can wear with everything and never take off. Sooooo, it's a keeper.
Open Brass Diamond Earrings: I'm getting super into brass and warmer metals lately, and the surprising, thick profile of the diamond shape is a fun element.
Winona Necklace: This one is big and bold and will look great with all the black I wear! I also like it because it's an upside rainbow!


Dessa's Cute Shit Inside Bag Gift Guide for Singers and Rappers
Judith | Axiom | Coaster
Judith Necklace: Knife on a necklace? Obviously.
Axiom Geometry Earrings: Earrings large enough to get noticed--but not too large to set off the alarm at airport security.
Pill Coaster: And for those of you confused by the coasters: I'm gonna get a table worth protecting real soon, it's on my list.


Larissa Loden's Cute Shit Inside Bag Gift Guide for Entrepreneurs
Pickleball Studs | Pickle Sticker | Toom | Pencils | Coasters
Pickleball: I think I'm in love - I took a short break and I missed you so much, you bring people together, I even designed my dream pickleball paddle and turned it into a stud
Toom Necklace: To know me is to know that I wear this necklace ALLLLLL the damn time, day or night, night or day all the time.
Maybe Swearing Will Help Pencils: Swearing does help and I love the feel of pencils in my notebooks. Call me old school- but nothing beats pencil on paper
Don't Fuck Up the Table Coasters: I need them. I have fucked up a couple of pieces by not having coasters everywhere!

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