Jessie Diggins Collab

Jessie's hidden message

All Out to the Finish Line

Designed in collaboration with Jessie Diggins, Olympian, World Champion and greatest US XC skier of all time.

This ring is designed with a hidden message on the inside of the band in Jessie's handwriting meant to be a reminder that whatever your finish line is, commit to it with all your heart!

50% of the proceeds from each ring sale goes to Protect Our Winters. To avoid over-production this item will be made to order and ship in 4-6 weeks - we promise it's worth it 😉

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Jessie Diggins

Jessie Diggins is the most decorated American cross-country skier of all time winning gold in 2018, and silver and bronze in 2022. Born in Saint Paul and raised in Afton, she started skiing at the age of 4 and has been unstoppable ever since.

Get to Know Jessie


How did you get into Cross Country skiing?

I got into skiing because of my family - we’ve always loved being active outdoors, and my parents love to ski. So when I was born they kept going out skiing every weekend and put me in the backpack! 

You do some epic dance routines on social media.

Which is your favorite to date?

I take House dance classes in Boston in the spring, and I love the challenge to both my coordination and brain in memorizing new steps! But on the road, any Tik-Tok dance trend is fair game. I’m definitely not afraid to embarrass myself! 

dish plz

What is one thing most people don't know about you?

One thing most people don’t know about me is that I’ve been racing with some sassy jewelry in my ears all winter long…and you can’t read them unless you zoom in on the photo. (hint, hint…they’re a Larissa Loden pair of 4-letter worded studs) :) 

A portion of the sales from this collab is being donated to Protect Our Winters

Why is this organization for important to you? 

I’ve been on the board of Protect Our Winters for a couple years now, and part of the athlete alliance as well. We depend on snow to ski, of course, but more importantly I think it’s the right thing to do to use our voices to ask for big changes in order to protect our planet for future generations. I want my grandkids to have the chance to experience real winter and build a snowman! 

Benefiting Protect Our Winters

A 50% of the proceeds from sales of this collaboration will be going to Protect Our Winters.

Protect Our Winters turns passionate outdoor people into effective climate advocates. POW leads a community of athletes, thought pioneers, and forward-thinking business leaders to affect systemic political solutions to climate change.