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Rachel Goswell

Rachel Goswell is an English singer-songwriter and musician who rose to prominence as vocalist and guitarist of the shoegaze band Slowdive, which formed in 1989.


You've been making music with your band, Slowdive, since 1989.

How did you get started as a band?

Neil and I went to the same school in a small village. We bonded over our mutual love of The Smiths when we were 15. We both played instruments, and I went to a weekend youth club with my keyboards with the intention of starting a band. Neil was there that day and set up the PA for us. The following week, Neil had already set things up before I got there and we just plugged in and played… there was never a discussion about forming a band. We both continued to turn up and it blossomed from there.

What’s the most memorable performance you’ve given?

There are so many shows that are memorable for different reasons. Most recently we played at Off Festival in Katowice and the energy from the crowd was nothing short of magic. Sometimes you just can’t explain it, but gigs are an energy exchange between the artists and audience. It just clicked into place and I think we definitely react in the way we play when that happens.

What was your inspiration for this jewelry collection?

After my mother passed away in 2020, I really started looking closely at old mourning jewellery. I particularly love antique Victorian lockets and these necklaces are a nod to that. People also know my love of Frida Kahlo and Mexican culture around the Day of the Dead, so the earrings are a loose nod to that.

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Which piece from the collection is your favorite?

I think it has to be the “I Carry You In My Heart” locket because, firstly, I think it’s really beautifully done–from the Art Deco inspired engraving, to the rectangular shape, and toggle chain! Words hold so much power, and I feel that this one in particular can really apply to anything.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Usually my cats demanding food.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Keanu Reeves forever!