Inspired: Reclaim Swearing

Fuck Yeah studs

Fuck Studs | Yeah Studs

We get emails, comments, and reviews from people that are disappointed, shocked, and repulsed by how often and openly we swear. And you may have noticed that we really like to swear. It isn’t just because we think it’s fun (even though it totally is) – it’s because we have every right to swear as independent women, and we’re taking it back.

For so long women were actually taught that you shouldn't be swearing because it put you in a lower class (something men didn't have to worry about) and it's only been recently that so many women have viewed swearing as a way of regaining their power.

If you’ve ever been told that it isn’t ladylike to swear, or that by swearing you’re “degrading” yourself, you know exactly what we’re talking about. And frankly? Fuck that.


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