How To: Spend 40 Years on this Planet

Oh Lordy, I've turned 40.

Saturday is my birthday - my 40th birthday. 

And first off, I am celebrating by renting an adorable movie theater and watching the best movie ever made (Inception). You can't change my mind so don't try. It truly is the best movie ever.
40 things that I've learned in 40 Years
  • Fuck really is the best 4 letter word out there. It is the multi tool of words. 
  • Poor decisions lead to great stories. 
  • Pickleball deserves all its hype. It brings so many people together from such different walks of life.
  • Tell yourself I love myself daily. You deserve to hear this from you.
  • Push yourself outside of your comfort zone, because then your comfort zone will grow
  • More millennials should be watching YouTube. Here is my short list (Yes Theory, Max Fosh, Kara and Nate)
  • Life hack- In a journal write down your 3 wins of the day and then what 3 will be your 3 wins for tomorrow
  • Go for your moonshot / craziest dream, even if you fail you would have gotten further than 85% of people. 
  • Do your kegels
  • You are already at a no, so you might as well ask because you might just be at a yes. 
  • When stuck on an issue with someone, ask “is there a 3rd option?” 
  • Tacos are life, the variety, it's a balanced food group in itself. 
  • Travel often, you will never regret travel
  • Ask your friend do you want to vent or do you want advice? Sometimes people just want to be heard and don't want advice at the moment. 
  • When its nice out go out, it might not be later
  • Copenhagen is a gem,  and I don't know why everyone goes to Paris when you can go to Copenhagen
  • The learning is the doing. You can read about everything, but the real learning is the doing. 
  • Drink less alcohol and drink more water
  • Read the book “I will teach you to be rich” if every high school read this we would have a lot better off adults. (Compound Interest Babee)
  • I think we should all say Yes, a bit more. (I know unpopular opinion) Say Yes, to going to a group hang where you don't know anyone. Say, yes to learning something new. 
  • Inception is the best movie ever. 
  • Go to Australia, I just went there and I don't know why we all go to Europe, go to Australia.
  • When someone owns their mistake, that is powerful. Accountability is underrated. 
  • Social Media has been net neutral on society. In some aspects net positive (community) and others negative (constant comparison) So I am here saying it is net neutral
  • You should write your obituary, and then try to figure out how to live up to it, its not that complicated- Warren Buffet
  • Why are french fries so damn good?
  • Saunas are truly amazing and worth all their hype. 
  • A head full of fears has no place for dreams.
  • Underestimate what you can do in a day, overestimate what you can do in a year.
  • Money won't solve all your problems but it will solve your money problems. 
  • Travel hacking is the best life hack out there.
  • Seek work-life fulfillment, not balance.
  • Ask strangers to go for a walk and get to know them. One of my favorite moments from last year was when I randomly asked a stranger in Chicago in Millenium Park to go for a walk. What resulted was a 2 hour conversation getting to know a French- Turkish person in the US on a work trip. We humans are more similar than we are different. 
  • I forgot that reading could be fun, until I started reading fun books again, reading is fun. 
  • Host an exchange student 
  • New York Pizza is the best pizza.
  • Getting coached changed my life, I can not recommend coaching enough 10/10
  • Maybe it's not happening to you, but for you.
  • You don't have to love cold plunges, but everyone should try them.
  • You are stronger than you think, and are capable of more than you think, get out of your own way and live the life you could only dream of.
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