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Hey, all — Larissa here — giving ya a little insight into Stay Sharp!

Let's start at the beginning: Growing up, I did not fit in.
I wasn't sitting at the “cool kid's table”.
Mass media wasn't marketing to me, honestly mass media still isn’t marketing to me, but what is so odd is I see myself out there all the time. From my kid's tattooed nurse, to the lawyer I just met, to countless baddies out there all of them whom I would coin as PRPs (Punk Rock Professionals).
Are you a punk rock professional!?
  • Do you wear a lot of black?
  • Are you a badass professional - taking names and getting shit done?
  • Were you just caught wearing your power blazer into the boardroom with a Toom Necklace?
  • Do you have any tattoos and piercings?
  • Did I already mention wearing a lot of black?
  • Do you love a good leather (or pleather) jacket like no other?
  • Are your Hot Topic days long gone, but your "badass" is alive and thriving?
If you said "HELL YES" to any of these — welcome, you're a Punk Rock Professional!
Kali Hoops

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