How to: Personalize Your Stack

rings stacking on a cute aloe plant

Our favorite trend (so far) of 2024 is stacks on stacks — more is more baby!

However, finding your perfect stack can be intimidating! So we asked our Social Media & Community Manager / Gen Z Fashion Guru, Grace, to break it down. 


How to Create the Perfect Stack

Step 1: Pick your fingers!

Let's start by figuring out which fingers you'd like to add some rings to! If you have a preexisting stack, find your gaps! We love tossing in the less conventional midi ring or pinky ring ;)
hand on wall with silver fuck ringSterling Silver Fuck Ring

Step 2: Find your sizing!

Figuring out your ring sizing can be tricky, there are lots of tips and tricks like this or you can buy a ring sizer to be certain.
ring sizer

Ring Sizer

Step 3: Select your perfect rings!

We love mixing textures and sizes on the same figure to find a good balance. Our staff has been loving stacking our Lucia ring with the fuck ring for a little extra uumff. Try adding Martina next to the Bianca ring for a beautiful pairing, or try Aurora as a midi!
hand with stacking rings
Isabella | 10k Gold Fuck Ring | Lucia | Aurora | Martina | Bianca

Step 4: Love it!

Once you have a set of rings and sizes you feel passionate about, click order! Simply don't overthink it, rings are perfect because you can always switch their placement or fingers. Get funky with it!
Grace flicking off the camera cheekily

Custom Engraved Phrase | Custom Roman Numeral | Aurora


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