Ring Sizer

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Have you ever struggled to commit when looking at rings because you just aren't confident in your size? THAT ENDS TODAY FRIEND! Snag the Larissa Loden ring sizer so you aren't left guessing.

How to use the LL Ring Sizer
  1. Pull the end of the sizer through the buckle, keeping the number side facing out
  2. Put the loop on the finger you intend to wear the ring
  3. Tighten the buckle - this is the most important step, make sure that you can take the sizer on and off comfortably and that it's not too tight or too loose. You should feel a little resistance at the knuckle but it should come on and off easily. Adjust until you find the perfect fit!
  4. Read between the lines - remove the sizer and the arrow should point to your size. We currently offer full sizes for rings - so adjust to find the most comfortable fit for your finger within those ranges and you are G2G.

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