Adaptogen Infused Chocolate Bar

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Phrase Big Orgasm

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Chocolate makes you happy all on its own, but we’ve taken it one step further.

- Indulge in 4+ squares and enjoy whatever comes your way
- All made with organic specialty cacao, organic coconut sugar, organic cacao butter

- Big Orgasm special libido-supporting ingredients: maca, cayenne, wild strawberries, and cordyceps mushrooms
- Be Happy special feel-good ingredients: goji berries, adaptogen-rich lion's mane ‘shrooms and tyrosine
- Sweet Dreams special sleep ingredients: magnesium-rich organic almonds, calming organic reishi mushrooms, and tryptophan (not just for turkeys)
- Stay Sane special inspiring and grounding ingredients: ashwagandha, SAM-E, and cinnamon

Made by Eat Gold Organics in Los Angeles, California.

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