Zodiac Gemstone Candle by Golden Gems

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Calling all astrological babes- satisfy your witchy desires with Sign-inspired candles from Golden Gems! Made with 100% soy wax and including crystals, stones and scents particular to a zodiac sign's characteristics, these candles will elevate your practice and focus your intentions. Choose from one of 12 zodiac adventures!

Smoked Vanilla + Tobacco Leaf Scent
Ombre Quartz for Healing + Generosity

Violet Santal Neroli Scent
Citrine for Optimism + Clarity

Warm Amber + Jasmine Pepper Scent
Smoky Quartz for Protection + Communication

Spicy Tobacco + Teakwood Scent
Clear Quartz for Amplifying + Clarifying

Bergamont Vanilla Scent
Xiuyan Jade for Intuition + Inspiration

Ambergris + Verbena Wood Scent
Rhodonite for Compassion + Healing

Black Cardamom + Water Lily Scent
Hematite for Focus + Self-Awareness

Campfire Pepper Leather Scent
Amethyst for Transformation + Intuition

Exotic Amber Woods Scent
Tiger Eye for Optimism + Harmony

Driftwood + Juniper Scent
Green Flourite for Focus + Clarity

Amber Rose + Ylang Ylang Scent
Rose Quartz for Self-Love + Healing

Designed by Golden Gems, a woman owned lifestyle brand based in St. Louis, MO that designs and sells accessories, apparel, stationary goods, and home decor - and operates on the idea that there is a badass inside of everyone.

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